Nowadays, Nigeria is a nation with a diverse population of absolutely stunning people over a large area of land. Honesty and intelligence are on the increase in Nigeria and people from other nations are increasingly migrating to Nigeria every year. museke


The word “youth” literally creates a new set of meaning for the word when viewed through comparative lenses of our modern economy, constitutional democracy, human rights oversight that vary between governments and cultural exclusions.

As one might imagine, these diminishing distinctions within the youth have led to the development and proliferation of various connective pathways between young people across international borders creating powerful migratory flows.

Nigeria is a country in West Africa. It has the West African plains that are considered the source of the Nile River – the primary river in Liberia, Mali, Guinea and Sudan.

Nigeria possesses one of Africa’s longest coastline beyond its longest river. It is considered to be among the ten major countries with a significant natural resource base in Africa.

Nigeria also has ground conditions of 100% light haze with 80% humidity- making it one of the largest exporters of rice, palm oil, coffee and cocoa by land area.

Geological experts have suggested that Nigeria may generate hydro-electricity from its rivers which are known as Niger (River) Deltic structure Foreland Basin which runs through Nigeria

Nigeria is an African country, located between the Sahara and the Gulf of Guinea in West Africa. The climate ranges from tropical desert to equatorial forest. It has about 185 million people and is a significant oil producer.

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