Discover the best of South Africa by exploring its various landmarks, such as Table Mountain and Robben Island, meeting local animals like cheetahs and visiting memorable museums.


Visit these places as a day trip from Johannesburg or visit multiple stops to get a better sense of this beautifully diverse region. museke

South Africa has many beautiful landmarks that can be explored on a day trip to get a better sense of this beautiful and diverse country. Starting in Johannesburg, visitors can explore places like Table Mountain, the market in Soweto and “The Cradle of Humankind”, where nearly all the fossils belonging to one-third of all humans have been discovered. Visitors should make time to stop at other landmarks on the route such as Sun City and Robben Island before starting their return journey.

South Africa is a constitutional democracy. It includes a parliamentary, semi-presidential and presidential type of government. For people, who are tourists and intend to go there, they should know some words in Afrikaans or English as well.

The state consists of 09 provinces which under their control all political power with the most important being:

• Gauteng Province: it is the economic center region; this province is relatively most prosperous one in South Africa. It not just provides jobs and lots of opportunities but also it bundles education, transport networks, arts areas with lots of residential suburbs; so based on that high income levels can be achieved too.

South Africa has the highest average retirement age in the world, which are 59.

1. In South Africa, health is a significant driver for retirement.

2. The high medical costs may force many people to retire in order to avoid treatment costs.

3. It is also an expensive endeavor for someone to maintain their pride and security upon retirement – this forces them to consider it with thought

Discussion: The finances and health of retirees drive many into retirement before they have had enough time to save up their pension