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  • Freshly ground

    The band members wore extravagant wigs and compared the early sounds of west coast hip-hop Freshly ground Artist profiles museke With different backgroungs including jazz, electro-funk, African traditional music, and Indian cultures influence by melodies from Arabic lyrics and Islamic spirituality, it allows opportunities for people to explore their identity. Role of Soul in Popular […]

  • Bobi Wine

    Bobi Wine just won a seat in the Ugandan parliament on an unprecedented showing. Bobi Wine A famous Ugandan singer and activist turned politician-turned-actor receives death threats after his coalition wins power in the December election. museke He implores them not to fear death but control their pens. In a show of political unity for […]

  • 2Baba

    2Baba is an Nigerian musician that has achieved worldwide recognition. In 2011, he released a debut album titled “The First Lady ” with the Royal Music Company, which topped the Billboard World Chart as well as went gold and received multiple accolades as per reviews. museke 2Baba 2Baba has been on top of music charts […]

  • My 10 favorite songs

    Music doesn’t have a capital, it is everywhere and has no beginning or end. That is, music isn’t centralized and so should not be planned. My 10 favorite songs But in this article, I’m going to cover the rappers who happens to be from South Africa and talk about their predominant sound that conceptually exist […]

  • songs

    The capital of music is the continent where it originated. songs A problem with asking about the capital of music would be that it isn’t an easy question to answer. There are many myths and theories on where the capital of music is located and that is because there’s no objectively right answer. Music is […]

  • African songs

    African songs It may sound funny that, one of the biggest countries in the world could overlook a city with one-fourth the population of Houston or New York. But music has some crucial characteristics that enable it to flourish in cities like Johannesburg and artists distribute themselves while they win awards. museke South African urban […]

  • My favorite South African songs

    My current favorite South African song is Dying to Dance by Gothy P – please share yours in the comment section below! I realized that the lyrics of the song are thought-provoking without having to be a deep analysis: “Surrender, disappear and see your world with broken eyes” At the centre of my life today, […]