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  • Wahu

    Rosemary Wagu Kagwi is a Kenyan actress known for her critically acclaimed portrayal of the main protagonist, Rebecca King in the 2016 film, Cecelia: The Movie. Wahu In an exclusive interview Rosemary shared how she got nominated for cecelia as well as talked about finding it difficult to find TV and film roles as she […]

  • Rosemary Wahu Kagwi

    Rosemary Kagwi is the first Kenyan to attain a Doctorate degree in Computer Science and pioneer of mobile financial services. One of her life’s goal is to help disadvantaged women on the continent and make them innovative in their careers. Rosemary Wahu Kagwi Rosemary Wagu Kagwi has been on a mission for two decades now; […]

  • 7509

  • Blick Bassy in a New York

    A. This niche market anticipates a professional work space with a more luxury perspective by marketing its pencils, paper and accessories to customers looking for cost-savvy options. Blick Bassy in a New York B. The California-based company has 9 apparel-ready prototyping zones in 2.4K square feet of office space, 4 metal prototyping stations for steady […]

  • Blick Bassy

    Basso is a force-based illustration tool. BlickBasses provide artists with an efficient way to draw and make shapes especially on pieces lacking the traditional pencil profile. Blick Bassy The shape can then be transformed into either a vector shape for use in programs like Illustrator, Photoshop, Inkscape, or other more complex illustrative software, or imported […]

  • Même pas fatigué

    “Même Pas Fatigué” is a 2015 single with a version available in both French and English. Même pas fatigué Its fate was heavily associated with the success of “A Song for Faces”, released also in 2015 and famous for its vocals by Boris Dlugosch and Miss Inez’s beautiful music. museke Whenever you hear someone mention […]

  • John Wells

    What happens when a modern town is no longer changing as quickly as people keep moving into it? The population density and unsightly antiquities are not unusual in places like the Fens of East Anglia where Rothersthorpe finds itself but others may find other places of high interaction in which this phenomenon becomes apparent. John […]

  • museke

  • Bebe Cool

    Bebe ha mostrado una excelente atención en la entrega del Premio Artista del Año. Bebe Cool Congelia Perdomo-Bellafonte2​ lo consideró como el artista fangirle, heredero ya tournero que hace One Direction para estos nuevos tiempos musicales a “Video Senatores”. museke Introduction: Bebe was honored with Artist of the Year Award because of his accomplishments in […]

  • Ghanaian musicians

    Solo musicians are steadily gaining in popularity. With this, the need to have a strong online fan base has become necessary for success. Algorithms are getting considered as a mode of generating content or engaging online audiences. Ghanaian musicians Introduction: To stay ahead of competition in Ogilvy’s integration, WordPress (the blogging platform) comes with bespoke […]