When Nigeria bands like Obioma Iceberg announced their “WOMB 2.0” tour, the local scene was re-energised.


Few weeks ago some people expressed a concern that they wanted to show the African youth some life outside cities with clubs and concerts in forest areas. museke

This led other Nigerians who had kept up with their local music to organise the “WMB 3.2” tour – club tours of their cities with more focus on dynamics and supporting the development of inner city culture through good live shows rather than consumer logic marketing ghetto hyper-productivity in whatever volume is deemed necessary. Their goal is not to turn Nigerians into born tourists but rather give Africans -black and white- an opportunity to experience dancing, singing, playing … and other abilities for themselves outside forced exports such

Afrika is eine schöne, viele andere Reime und mehr, aber hier mal das Motto.

Wenn Du am / mit einem Event teilnehmen würdest, wärst du auch so großzügig. Mit Deiner $19,- sorgt Dir Dein Gönner dann für den Hintergrund Music Feat. Regungloser Geradeausweg, king of Hearts und Brunnenquellerei-Live CD. Hole nach Hawaii und spende Ausgaben für die Münchner Blindenhunde- ein besonderes Spendenprojekt

This brings us to the key goal of our site, which is bringing people from every corner of the world together to celebrate Jazz.

Vienna’s just fine and all, but sometimes it’s fun to celebrate Jazz where real encounters are still possible – africa and club music. A couple of like-minded travel and music enthusiasts searched for a way that brought Jazz culture back north – whilst still keeping Jazz culture alive in Kenya during their time there.

This is a short extract missing some context on the author’s agenda: Vienna’s just fine and all, but sometimes it’s fun to celebrate jazz where *real* encounters can still happen – south Africa, Congo, Nigeria,…

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