Lyric Examples Of “Jehovah You Are The Most High God”

A great example of Jehovah-you-are-the-most-high lyrics is found in a song titled “Jehovah You Are the Most High God.” It was written in 1995 by Shea Torrance along side David Barth. Soon after, Barthe Gemaehlich recorded their duet.

Lyric Examples Of “Jehovah You Are The Most High God”

Many people don’t know these lyrics by memory, so they listen to the lyrical fragments on Youtube. For an instance of this, one can look up a video of the Dean Martin version that was released in 1995 and hear where Britney Spears found a beginning lyric from this song for her hit single “I’m Every Woman.” museke

Jehovah you are

The most high God

Born before time stirs

See us nourish the whole earth and everything living

In the hymn “Jehovah You are the most High God”

you are the Most High God

You have no equal here on earth.

Hidden ways you work in people’s hearts and touch them greatly,

As a healer of heartache You tread to do good every day.

The very thought of Your name brings peace to our troubled hearts.

This paper is providing character analysis of the song Jehovah You Are the Most High God by Franklin Graham. A prominent Christian evangelist and the son of Dr. Billy Graham, Franklin has made a name for himself in his career mainly on his radio show “The Contenders”. This song highlights some positive qualities of Jehovah God and His praise.

“Almighty to save

Portents in shadows

I marvel every day

In awe as I behold

In your infinite love).”)

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