Rosemary Wahu Kagwi

Rosemary Kagwi is the first Kenyan to attain a Doctorate degree in Computer Science and pioneer of mobile financial services. One of her life’s goal is to help disadvantaged women on the continent and make them innovative in their careers.

Rosemary Wahu Kagwi

Rosemary Wagu Kagwi has been on a mission for two decades now; ever since she became part of The Professional Women’s Network as it sought to empower professional women on the African continent, fully cognizant that exclusion from formal economic activities and related opportunities had rendered many African women powerless members of society. museke

African women have always had a role and often informal leadership in the economy so the now push to empower them equips entrepreneurial and managerial skillsets, skills aimed at ensuring they are able to compete with their male counterparts fair n’ square

There is strong evidence of globalization occurring all over the world, in the United African Republic.

In the Republic of South Africa, the staggering numbers tell us that 36% of university graduates are black women (Wahu). Black women are 26% of South African undergraduates and 32% PG disciples per capita. It is clear that we live in a black female dominant world now.

Black Women seem to be showing as they fight against long-held patriarchal power paradigms. As they work hard to achieve recognition and stand up as black female leaders in family, society, and entirety.

Rosemary Wahu Kagwi,[1] offers insight into the plight of millennial African women whose creativity and strength are flourishing from a root of adversity. Building businesses and restarting careers. Risking livelihoods and confinement.

Kagwi’s TEDx talk, “African Women Who Have Rooted Meaning”, is a deeply personal and honest declaration on behalf of her generation of women who endure difficult times with memories of happier hours in their past. Her words stem from the fearlessness that has catapulted them forward to providing hope for other African women: “We are strong, we are fighting to be free, because freedom is life.”

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