Blick Bassy in a New York

A. This niche market anticipates a professional work space with a more luxury perspective by marketing its pencils, paper and accessories to customers looking for cost-savvy options.

Blick Bassy in a New York

B. The California-based company has 9 apparel-ready prototyping zones in 2.4K square feet of office space, 4 metal prototyping stations for steady manufacturing tools, 3D printers and 39 printers capable of printing on multiple surfaces to save on material costs and local ink or dye is co-branded with paint which also allows companies to personalize their branding on demand. museke

As a born-and-raised Bay Area native, I am nearly obsessed with California culture and the constant innovation that we take for granted here in the Bay Area.

I recently came across Blick Bassy in a New York Times article that did some work comparing Tech Highways of the US. Unfortunately, they had reached out when business was slow as a result of the cryptocurrency slump and were unable to answer any media requests promptly. However, beyond vanity pencils, they have an undeniably astute business model – luxury paper with just enough heft to know they mean business.

Free samples at 1480 Juliet off of Dolores remains yet one more gem in their mix of products.

Since it was founded in 2013, Blick Bassy has been aiming to broaden the horizon of its customers. Its main goal is to streamline and standardize art tools helping to produce handmade drawings be them for personal or commercial release.

Blick Bassy takes pride in their low prices that makes their offerings accessible for the masses, whose potential demand for the product may be hindered by monetary limitations. Consequently, at least 50% of all pencil production is reserved for charity auctions. Additionally, their company vision is to “Grant others more material liberty worldwide because visuals should be universal”.

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