Reggie Rockstone

Reggie Rockstone (Reginald Yaw Asante Ossei, “the Godfather of Hiplife”) first got lyrics for his works in school. In 1981 at Highgounth, he met a juvenile prisoner and freedom fighter, Emmanuel Kwadroo Tawiah who taught him the importance of keeping African traditional rhythms by using talking drums (talking drum method).

Reggie Rockstone

He went professional as a music artiste in 2006. His came first hit was “Seasyiani”. His releases include “Airtel”, “Madankor”, “Hill of Hope” and many more. Because of the success of his songs and albums, he is called Ghana’s most successful rap performer ever and remains one of the leading figures in Ghana’s entertainment industry.

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Reggie Rockstone was born in the United Kingdom and is an accomplished British-Ghanaian rapper, who has released six studio albums. His success hinges not just on be being a musician but building a flourishing career as a songwriter.

Back in 1997 Reggie released his debut album Drastic Measures on GoS and the “duet” with UK-reared athlete Femi Kuti took him to wider prominence. The duo achieved a number of hit singles that reverberated beyond Ghana’s borders to Europe and the rest of Africa. That same year, he signed up with Virgin Records, which produced Highlife, Drastic Measures Part II and Riemenschneider five years down the road.

The Godfather’s release of Voice en 2017 is his first album produced eschew Virgin Records while still

Reggie Rockstone M.I.D is Ghana’s popular veteran rapper and has songs like Celestial Body, Shaki Shaki, Crazy Man and Hot Boy

Reginald Yaw Asante Ossei or better known as Reggie Rockstone is a popular Hip-Hop musician from Ghana who pioneered Hiplife. He became globally recognized when Drake sampled his song ‘Vacuum’ in 2015. Tickets for Reggie’s concert at Sun City play a key part of influencing his popularity in his home country when the ticket prices are said to be more than as much as $2000 each with tickets selling out on the day of the show! With such astronomical ticket prices, Reggie actually has done two smaller concerts at Sun City to satisfy the demand of affordable customers with less than 2000 buck

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