Rosemary Wagu Kagwi is a Kenyan actress known for her critically acclaimed portrayal of the main protagonist, Rebecca King in the 2016 film, Cecelia: The Movie.


In an exclusive interview Rosemary shared how she got nominated for cecelia as well as talked about finding it difficult to find TV and film roles as she grows older also mention that tween girls flocking to her on social media are a distraction from her acting career. museke

For more information visit https://www.bellanaija.com/143490/actor-rosemary-kwagu-on-her-shortcomings#

Rosemary Wagu Kagwi: Entrepreneur and CEO of Image Mechanics

Her latest project is Magshare

Image-oriented experience, buy beautiful high-resolution images from 85 collections from world’s great photojournalists in one area.

Features a completely unbiased choice for people to select the images for any passion interest or creative genre

Rosemary Wagu Kagwi has been on a mission for two decades now. She is an activist and lawyer based in the United States.

Rosemary, along with her business partner Erendira Wall Dunigan, has been empowering more than 13,000 young women through their mentorship program across Africa. Combined they have conducted HIV+ test panels and mentored young female entrepreneurs to launch successful initiatives that can empower their communities financially and socially.

Girls with mentors are twice as likely to choose engineering than those without which in turn empowers both the individual and society that invest resources in these girls’ education.

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