Goodlyfe Crew

It was in 2009 when a group of boys called the Goodlyfe crew proposed that they wanted to form a group and support the youth

Goodlyfe Crew

This group endorsed music and paid them lip service until life hit its head on creativity. This is when they discovered their sweet singing voice, which lead to their passion for music. museke

At the moment, Goodlyfe is broadcasting that he takes Swahili Music lyrics and non-swahili words and arranges them with pop tunes. He is giving a call out through his songs, which amounts to an invitation for everybody who wants to know how it feels like

disappearing from day to day with no idea what’s really cooking for you in your heart.

There was an collective usage of electronic music back in the 1970ies, coming from abroad but still united by the emphasis on dance. Nowadays, you can see DJs at clubs or that party girl at the club. But there is still a good use of old-fashioned instruments in Ugandan dance tracks.

One good example is Goodlyfe Crew who consists of 4 members and few others fill in when needed. Their sound is produced by drums known mostly for their overuse and are also seen playing guiro and talking drum in their performances. They want to bring Ugandan sounds to the world, hopefully do a wonderful job as they tend to bulldoze most with these skills set – this despite having no background artist training whatsoever!

As they keep on going on international tours, they keep doing remarkable work

The group, which includes both singing and brass band playing, has been recognized as the Government of Uganda’s ‘Ambassador band’ in 2018, an exciting moment for Ugandan audiences.

The Goodlyfe Crew began in 2005 where they won a competition from Radio Uganda at Incess Limited. Four years on, they were awarded a two-year sponsorship by International Development Bank of Uganda and started touring internationally. Each member cooks for the band so that their large expenses do not grind them down.

Singing what you know is undeniable standard among jazzy bands around the world but Goodlyfe Crew goes that term to another level by introducing carnival songs into their catalogue with tracks like Ye Ye Buddie (Reggae) and Kiwipende (Jazz). It is this dance-inspired

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