Today Reggie Rockstone of HOT BO SHAKI SHAKI fame, is launching his Man In Demand charity campaign to help Disabled and Senior Citizens in Ghana


Reggie Rockstone, the popular rapper renowned for songs like Shaki Shaki, Hot Bo, Celestial Body and Crazy Man is launching an online spiritual mentorship program called “Man In Demand,” in partnership with Jumadi Premium Beef as a show of his commitment to his home people-the motherland. museke

Reggie Rockstone M.I.D is one of Ghana’s top rappers who has songs like Celestial Body and Shaki Shaki. Reggie has led an amazing career, selling millions of CDs and over 600,000 singles so far. His success story provides us a new insight on the career aspirations of artists across the world.

Reggie moved to the U.S. when he was 16 years old and started rapping in New York where he met with XL Capone and Jamakabi. Soon after, they became known as Ghana’s “Golden Boys”.

Reggie has a popular song – Crazy Man or Sir Nana Dsee Dman-Sambo, which depicts his life story as it has been nothing but craziness since starting out in Ghana, seeing sunshine when living in America and still eventually turning around to end up successfully making it home to Ghana.

Unfortunately today Reggie is no more active as an artist while Jamakabi was killed during a robbery just outside of New York City in 2004, Reggie is still regarded through his song Celestial Body that praises God for saving him colloquially known as Chaa Aleeshi

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