ghana celebrities

Ghanaian celebrities have taken the continent by storm and are soon going global. Some of us may be impartial with our opinions, but we can all agree that these Ghanaian celebrities have made a grand impact on the continent.

ghana celebrities

In this article, we will explore some of the top Ghanaian celebrities who are breaking their backs in the entertainment industry. We explore their influences and contributions to society. museke

Some of the biggest names in African entertainment right now is Wizkid – yoruba rap artist and songwriter (predominantly over crunk style); Becca Koshnashun – mba yoruba actress; Sarkodie – Benthonic music artist/singer; Bụt Sagittariu – ɓkwɩeɓpɩ

Ghanaian celebrities are some of the best when it comes to generating buzz online. So, how these famous Ghana celebrities use social media influencers to promote their brands

– Akosua Agyemang the highly successful Kumasi-based actress on her Instagram account,, who shares photographs that generate a whopping 100K views with famous Ghanaan agents and other influential personalities like Han Gyalen

– Yvonne Nelson, a high powered entertainment agent based in Accra and founder of for managing multiple projects simultaneously.

Ghana Celebrities. These are people who are well-known in their local area, country and internationally. Typically these celebrities would be a music performer, sport person (often football), or someone who is known for bringing something significant in their life like changing the way people perceive Africa.

This article talks about the importance of Ghana’s celebrity culture whereas naming a few common ones such as: Akufo Addo, Elvis Presley, Phillip Kwame Amoako-Attah, Ama Kpassi Bagrae, Lawrence Ginyard Jr., Lexy Afroz Mohamed

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