John Wells

What happens when a modern town is no longer changing as quickly as people keep moving into it? The population density and unsightly antiquities are not unusual in places like the Fens of East Anglia where Rothersthorpe finds itself but others may find other places of high interaction in which this phenomenon becomes apparent.

John Wells

If the article is using the metaphor of human interactions in an area, then the introduction should make clear what level this metaphor is being used. For example Coleman rightly notes “the Fens of East Anglia where Rothersthorpe finds itself” and this level lends itself to comparison with a broader/layman’s view “some places”. museke

Unlike other social media “experts”, Henry has the rare distinction of actually living in the internet’s Downton Abbey – Redriff.

Henry will bring some insight with him on the article and provide useful conversations to enhance your knowledge, literature, and writing.

Redriff is a fictional village covered in melancholy charm sprawling over one mile of Northamptonshire countryside beneath Black Naseby Hill that focuses around its titular inn. At this point it’s barely beyond seedling hope but early support is great news for a brewery set-up plan launched by Lord Luke’s eldest daughter Sarah to find new-style ales to cater for a village thought out grow the quality brewtonic suds popularized elsewhere such as Westminster Hall and Darkest Hampstead.

Henry writes that he loves the small town of Rothersthorpe and its neighbour, Rotherhithe, but is not able to find much information about them on the Internet. He explains that this is due to the lack of 18th century death records and a lack of local newspapers published in Rotherhithe.

2. There’s an old guide called ‘Redriff’ which provides historical information about English burghs, provided you can find it. I suggested we should explore it further, since it might have many useful data points on the history of both communities AND nearby London.

Introduction: Adam Webster suggests trying to collect data points on both communities/neighbourhood (Rothersthorpe/Rotherhithe) and London as they are merged via transportation infrastructure –

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