This was a video promotion for BRADEZ’ collaboration with the talented singer Mdoe in June 2019. This was a long and thought-provoking tune about growing pains. As Ghana’s successful video ran through Youtube, gaining over 30 hours of views in first week.


A BRADEZ ad campaign is spawning phenomenal success with its new Medo me Ghana release

This month, the popular international rap duo put out an ode to fragile moments to celebrate their 10-year milestone

With over 700,000 views in the first week of release, it skyrocketed to a high ranking on Youtube and set ground into “Medo me Ghana” as one of its top tunes museke

Media freedom and challenging how African values are depicted on physical billboard ads

Originally from the vernacular word “maa (give) dovaghontsin” meaning to give away, has since spawned from Ma Dedi, an Easter morning mountain that surrenders its treasures to women who crossed its summit. Such an imagery has been used for a spread of topics that range from supposed culture clashes between gospel/gospel and indigenous/traditional beliefs as well as town versus country township tensions.

The decision by Bradez Company to premiere their MEDO video on the subject of “coming out Ghanaian” has taken move away off the stereotypical depiction of Africa in media. The marketing campaign aims at the idea of showing the world powerful journey towards self acceptance to those who value open- spiritedness,

A number of new likes, shares and comments came to BRADEZ on social media after it was revealed that the entertainment TV station had laced into Ghana’s mostly dreaded Samini for marrying its ex-wife.

BRADEZ does not see Samini’s marriage as big shabu. It didn’t take much to bait the old queen of entertainment with a few choice words about her failure to rise out of poverty after mediocrity had enlarged her ambitions.

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