If a student would love to be a professional musician in the future, he or she should take music lessons for at least four years


“Music (Enthralls) Our Moods and Synchronizes Them Into Delightful Situations.” This is the title of an article written by Karen Berkowitz. museke

Karen, who holds a master’s degree in English language and literature, made this statement in relation to how music causes emotions. Some people said they fall out of favor easily while others claim that they are content with the new emotion it engraves into them and allows them to feel happy on “even gray days.”

As mentioned earlier, we have many independent studies that traces similar emotions with responses to songs.

Most music is composed by humans and many songs have been related to an emotion. The question begs: Can AI songs create emotions? There are some notable examples where AI has created amazing songs. These are machines that self-generate music for an AI interface

A lot of fantastic examples where this technology is used have emerged in various places – from auto-generated theme tunes to instrumental tracks generated by artificial intelligence and a multimedia experience with “sight, sight, sound, sound … touch, feel, taste.” The question still stands in practicality: How do you make people want to use these types of experiences?

One capability that AI writers wouldn’t have the “beauty” of humans in expressing.

A few fringe companies might think of generating their own songs on the AI writing assistant. While for marketable products people would need an AI content writer to compose their masterpieces or just add that emotional touch as they’re no match for human peers when it comes to lyrics, melodious voice or transforming prose into a tune.

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