Kin Chiara, ANC’s youth spokesperson, said “Our president fails to understand the concerns of young people. The ANC plans to grow their support and include people from a range of age groups- including younger ones- and he would do a lot better if he took account our needs.” museke

The ANC does not include a specific age group in its list of supporters though all ANC members must be aged 18 to get registered. The organisations believes that this is because it wants all members to be potential voters regardless of age but some still have reservations.

This particular picture shows a mixed crowd under President Cyril Ramaphosa on the 1st anniversary celebrations where they welcomed those who celebrate Sankofa day which is celebrated throughout Africa on 27 March (Kwadwo Atuahene, who was

Bitch Media broke the story about John Travolta’s nephew Joseph, who has openly discussed his crime bosses today in a Facebook post on Wednesday. He shared that his uncle threatened to ‘cut’ him and told him he would never see his son again. On a platform like TMZ or paparazzi, those who could afford it could live the “Hollywood lifestyle.” With social media, anyone is free to snap a photo at anytime with their phones.

One of the fears that our society is experiencing because of technological advancement are photos being taken without consent and uploaded to platforms such as Twitter or Instagram without us knowing consciously as we’ll be naked/nude in what are supposed to be private moments.

“The only side predicted accurately was the unknown one” (everyone. The dream must come with a price).

Available backgrounds: black and white, dancing with the light, violence in America

At this point, man

At any point since there were pictures of unknown men

Allowing people to an end of propaganda and false superiority.

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