EES (also: EeS/EeS, “Easy Eric Sell”) is the stage name of Eric Sell a German Namibian Kwaito artist and rapper. He was born in Windhoek and relocated to Katutura in Windhoek many years ago.


In 2012 he had his debut Album which he named EES. His album was described as “energetic, eccentric and upbeat”

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EES, ‘Easy Eric Sell’, is a rapper and singer in the era of the dry and boring German music.

EES, a multitalented artist with something to say, is opening doors for provincial East Africa. Music style that oscillates between late 90s big beat and kwaito, spiced up with English lyrics in Swahili that aim at international listeners.

Tanzania’s Tanzanian musicians like Diamond Diaz and the Crossroads group do like EES for his innovation. Ugandan rap sensation Tay Grin enjoys EES because he brings a fresh flow that’s not from Tanzania or Uganda to join his own Pidgin English vernacular. When it comes down to Angola-born Congolese star Fally Ipupa he likes his own

One of his early influential releases were two singles “Spend My Xmas” and “Love U More” in 2004 and 2005.

In 2006 Günther/Stat Quo released his song on various releases in Europe, like “Hard Rock Cafe” DVD sampler compilation. Although Günther received international attention, some have noted the marketability of this song was largely unfamiliar with the genre at the time which appeared too regional for a global perspective.


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