We decided to finally make that one long-planned trip to NYC to kick back with our friends and catch up on a few Broadway shows. And wouldn’t you believe it but what we really liked was just walking around the city!

Hattie stumbled across an old script [of RENT] while she was packing of items in her office, and took off a colleague aside and possible life-mistake ensued. museke

Introduction: The 2009 movie “RENT the Musical,” is a modern adaption of Puccini’s 1975 opera set during late Reaganomics, AIDS-ridden 1980s New York City. ANd when I say “modern,” I mean it; that is, about as post-“Giuliani” as possible (July 24 eve). Though our theater marquee doesn’t read

When the theatre went dark, and you could hear only “The People in the Hall” and “today I feel like a Broadway show.”, everyone’s jaws dropped.

Just when expectations go beyond hope and you will have lock arms and fight to keep what was important to you, RENT came into your lives. From 1993 through 2018 years, this musical is also known to connect people who have moved all over the world with nostalgia. Which is probably why I bring up my trip. Every year when it comes to New York City, one of the best memories of me would be coming back home after a long day of sightseeing – which happened to be on Valentines Day – straight for Broadway and RENT matinee!

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