Lerato Molapo

In 1980, when South Africa was populated by whites and mostly suppressed black culture, Lira emerged as the first South African musician to pay homage to indigenous music.

Lerato Molapo

Lerato Molapo is a 34-proof co-founded of booMama Productions. She made her debut through her remix of “Unguna Bamabantu” in 1986 which reached pole position on many radio stations such as Park 100, 5FM, West FM and CCMA. museke

In 1987 she titled her group Tabwa Amafumulevu which was later renamed Zap Mama. The same year brought out one of their most popular songs Ujunsi which made it to number one on local radio station 5FM despite various restrictions including only playing an instrumental version as originally written by Lira. In October

Lerato Molapo, known professionally as Lira, is a South African singer.

Daughter to five singing sisters at a young age her artistic spirit had been ignited. She spent the first 10 years of her life moving between Daveyton and Redcliff in Johannesburg.

“I must have been doing vocal exercises. It was me that did this,” she said of the moment when it clicks and she realized she can sing as well as any instructor, while still making mistakes look repeatable and beautiful on screen (Genius).

In 2018 she released a live concert on YouTube called Secondhand Nights which has over 370 mill views and 34,500 notes left on Spotify. Some songs that were part of that album have done more than just 1 million views

Lara is currently in Paris

Lira was born in Daveyton, South Africa on 21st March 1985. She is known professionally as Lira and is a singer- songwriter- composer.

Lerato Molapo who is popularly known as Lira, is extremely popular across the globe.

She relocated to Johannesburg from Malawi, near the age of 10 years old with her mother and siblings after being involved in an armed conflict with her father.

This documentary by Petra Louwosyn marks Lira’s history prior to her success worldwide beginning at this point she joined forces with a music label who believed in coming back to help propel Lira’s life forward in their own unique way.

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