Prince Nico Mbarga

We all have heard of Classical music which is the tradition of European and non-European traditions that evolved from common roots in the 12th century.

Prince Nico Mbarga

The Western school and the Church developed it in Europe with prominent composers such as Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart or Antonin Dvorak. Béla Bartók pioneered a new way to play so-called Blue Grass music using Eastern rhythms. museke

Although not on did also create open chord improvisation which some say was strongly influenced by Jazz improvisations, Bartók’s invention involved playing different short melodies arranged into four parts. Diverse elements were taken into consideration like tone quality, polyphony, tempo etc.

“I grew up listening to a lot of what I

Prince aimed to make life better for the African people depending on one question that would be answered by Africa.

But his activism meant scrutiny, which he routinely condemned on some occasions as a politically-motivated attack by the West.

Believing that music was healing and expressing what needed to be said, he rebelled against censure in order to spread his message of hope throughout Africa.

The intent of this introduction is to provide an outline and engaging text about Prince Nico Mbanga who died in 1997 and how he helped change the African society through his music.

Prince Moab was an Afro-pop singer and bandleader who lived in Nigeria and had

many hits through most of the 1970s and 1980s. Prince of Abakaliki, he is still recognized today as one of t

he most influential frontman in Nigeria’s popular history. With his unique sound, unique good looks, Prince became The Prince Of Afro Pop Sounds.

One interesting thing to note about Mbargan is that he Never changed a single gig in his fifteen-year long career. However, each performance was embraced by fans, who would turn up expecting his live performances at that era while they would be singing their old songs from those days.

Mbarga united ancient southern African traditions with 1970s American soul to create a style very different from the music

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