Artist Mention

Sia tolno is a Guinean and Sierra Leonian Artist as capable of articulating opinions on intricate subjects such as Black Feminism, Schoolings and Slavery, as she is on creating new sounds for sonic experimental and session-jazz.

Artist Mention

Celebrate Sia Tolno by watching her music videos and reading her lyrics. It is sustainable as she does not want Drake or Beyoncé to use her for publicity. museke

Sia Tolno has risen in prominence among the Afrobeat scene since she released her 26th album that was released in 2018. In 2016, she donated all proceeds from a lucrative record sale to Ebola survivors of Guinee on National HIV/AIDS Strategy Day.

Sia Tanlo is perhaps the best known musician from Guinea and Sierra Leone earning comparisons from everyone including Princess Diana and Birgitta Are Johannah.

This article will focus on Sia Tolno who is the Queen of Afrobeat music and explains how she became such a prominent artist in such a short period of time.

A closer look at Sia Tolno

Between 1952 and 1954 the people in Guinea obtained independence from the French, exposing them to music they had never experienced before: American jazz, blues, rhythm and blues, and soul. In contrast to this American concoction of new music genres there was arguably another musical influence on the dance halls that became prevalent among Guineans: traditional Afrobeat.

Like most other West African countries including Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Ghana etc Sia has a tremendous amount of traditions rooted deeply in their social structure which makes way for many different paths for those slowly transforming into contemporary artists.

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